Earning FIFA coins in FIFA 18 ultimate

FIFA coins are beneficial in acquiring new players and getting the ultimate team. They can also give you the ability to open new packs and buy new players in the transfer markets.  Coins can help you enter more challenges and tournaments in the game. This is why one of the main parts about FIFA is acquiring the coins and getting an ultimate team for your games. The good thing is, you are allowed to purchase the coins using your own money; which is beneficial for some people.  You can get the coins directly by purchasing them through the FIFA points.

The best ways to earn the coins in the ultimate teams

Playing ultimate team mode matches

This is the most obvious ways you can earn the coins in FIFA. You simply have to play the football matches. If you win against a human opponent, you can easily earn up to 400 coins. This online mode can even earn you more coins depending on your performance in the game. Playing these games consistently for a long period of time will give you bigger rewards and promotions in your division. You can get up to 1000 coins when you win some games in the online league.

Weekly challenges

FIFA provides you with a list of new challenges and tournaments you are supposed to partake in every week. The challenges have a good amount of coin rewards which will be a hefty addition to your coin collection.  Make sure you keep on checking for the tournaments in their sections every week. Standard tournaments will earn you payout of 500 coins or even more!

Using coin boosts

The rewards you earn after the matches can easily be modified using the coin boost. The coin boosts unlock the EA credits. Earning coins from other currencies is not that big of a problem. You can simply play the games that unlock the FCC’S and spend the catalogue browsing through the menus. As you continue to level up, the catalogues will unlock different rewards. You can do this by simple playing the matches and getting coin boosts of a minimum of 200.

Playing in the transfer market

You have probably seen this method in the YouTube videos or other FIFA blogs. They are dedicated t this subjects because of the draw people have while playing in the market. If you like dealing, you will earn very good fortunes in the transfer market. For instance, you can get the undervalued players that you think will do well in your games as soon as they appear in the transfer market. Reselling them on a mass bidding platform will give you a lot of money. You can also bid on their cards with the hopes of making more profits.

So what is the best way to earn money fast?

Matches, rewards, coin boost and tournaments will collectively earn you a lot of money in the FIFA games. The best way to earn your coins is by combining every possible method you can to increase the number of coins you get.