How to trade in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team

One of the main goals of the game is to acquire new players and create the ultimate team. The best way to do that is to earn the coins first and use them to purchase various players. There are several tips you can use to earn extra coins in the game. Using the tips collectively will help you earn even more coins and get you your ultimate team for the FIFA 19 game.

Buy underpriced players

Most FIFA gamers will use the buy it now option when they are purchasing a new player instead of going for the bid and auction options. Sometimes, bidding can be more successful than the buy it now option.  most people who use the buy it now option argue that it is the best way to avoid getting into bidding wars with the other gamers.

Sometimes with bidding, you can end up overpaying for a player just because you did not want to give up in the war fast enough.  Sometimes, you can get the players for a lower price if you are patent enough to wait until the bidding war on them has ended. There is a major difference between normal auction prices and buy it now process. When you buy the players for a lower price, you can re-list them and sell them at a profit.

Work with only familiar players

The best way to make guaranteed money on the regular is to make transactions with players that you are familiar with or follow closely in the league. Following a person gives you more information about their value and whether they are going to get any in-form versions. Each league has a player that is highly valued especially when they are the best players in the positions. Some of them are very affordable for the gamers in FIFA and will bring you a lot of profits in the market.

Familiarity will help you understand the demand for these players. You can buy them for less and sell them at a higher cost to get come profits. Even players who have low rates in the leagues can have high market prices than those with very high rates.

Do not buy any FIFA coins

Most people will argue that the easiest way to get the coins is simply by buying them and there are no lies in that. Truthfully, this is one of the dumbest things you can do to acquire some coins. Remember, buying the coins is strictly against the EA sports and you can get server punishments from that. Buying the coins is considered a method of cheating. You are using unconventional methods to get ahead of everyone and that is not fair to other gamers.

If you are found buying the coins, you will receive a warning statement. If you continue doing it, your coin balance will be emptied and you will have to start from scratch. If you are completely in the wrong, your account will be banned or the team you have will be deleted and you will have to start from scratch.