The main rules in EA SPORTS FIFA

Playing by the FIFA rules is easy if you have any idea what the game asks from its players. You should always play by the rules so that the other players may have a great experience in the game. Even though the rules are set up, they do not keep the game from being fun. The rules actually make the game fair for all the players. If you break any of the rules, you put yourself at risk of being banned.  To avoid getting your FIFA account suspended, you should keep avoid dishonesty and play by the following rules

Do not distribute your coins

Coin distribution will affect the FIFA economy negatively. If you distribute the coins, it will disrupt the buying and selling for the legitimate players who are trying to get their ultimate players for the perfect team. I get it, we all have a friend who needs some help but selling the coins will not just cut it. Sending coins to family and friends is counted as coin distribution and a form of breaking the FIFA rules.

You can also break the rules if you use the FUT market to transfer your coins to other players. It also means you have assisted someone else to purchase the item for the main purpose of getting coins from one account to another.  The best way to do it is for the players to acquire the items by themselves. The FUT market is meant for you to get items for you clubs to play with. Lastly, giveaways are another form of coin distribution and they are against the FIFA rules.

Do not buy the coins

The only safe and legal ways of earning the FUT coins is by trading them in the transfer market. There is no way you are allowed to purchase the coins. Buying the coins from an outside party is also against the rules.  Some of the legal ways to earn the coins include playing Ultimate team matches, selling or trading items and players for a good price in the market and finally completing a squad building challenge.

Selling and buying the coins creates uneven playing fields for other players. For one, it may result to unfair increase in the pries of the items in the market. This takes away the opportunity for man who want to buy affordable items in the market. to add on that, you put yourself at risk of losing your account to phishers  who make profits out of your money and coins

Auto buyers are a no

Some people use bots in the game so they can earn more coins faster. This is considered breaking the rules because it gives you an unfair advantage over other players.  You should access the FIFA ultimate team and FIFA using the official EA SPORTS FIFA.

Do not farm coins Coin farming is any activity outside and inside the game that gets you fast coins illegally. Most people coin farm through tricks in the game. You make it seem that you are playing all the levels in the game while you are really not. it is very acceptable to have lots of coins in your account as long as you have earned them the right way. Auction bots and disconnection methods in the game are considered breaking the rules.